About DC Crackers

DC Crackers

A place where Training and Skils are bridged...

Our Mission:
1. To provide such anĀ  environment to the students where they could they can transform their education into their skills.

2. To mould the personality in a perfect combination of technical skils and professionalism

3. To shape the minds so that the they can not only generate ideas but also present them.


Our Vision:
To provide training which designs successful careers and in the long run adds value to the society. Our dedicated professional experts are fully committed towards delivering training in the workshops which not only adds value to their career but to their lives too. The content is designed in such a way that along with the knowledge of the subject the students must realise the practical aspect of it and should be able to implement it in one way or the other to make it worth.
We believe in making an everlasting and blossoming relationship with the students undertaking our workshops in the manner that they can contact us any time in future and seek whatever help they want from us.


Our way of spreading education is quite different and unique from the traditional learning as we thrive the full focus on preparing each and every student ready for industry.

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