Linux Training

Workshop Glance

Linux is a very powerful open source operating system which includes a multitude of tools for programmers and system administrators. It is heavily used in the academic and scientific communities because it is so versatile, and has over 40 years of development of scientific tools. It is a powerful, robust, stable, and flexible system that allows programmers to tailor the operations system to run on a wise range of hardware from phones to supercomputers.

To say that Linux is an operating system means that it's meant to be used as an alternative to other operating systems, Windows, Mac OS, MS-DOS, Solaris and others. Linux is not a program like a word processor and is not a set of programs like an office suite. Linux is an interface between computer/server hardware, and the programs which run on it.

Who Could Attend?

  • College students seeking future in networking.
  • B-Tech/M-Tech/Diploma college students of any field.
  • Students who tried their hands on command based OS.
  • College Faculty & Staff in any department.

Student’s Benefits

  • Gain good exposure in FOSS (Free and Open Source Software).
  • Develop a very good understanding of command based OS
  • Will lead to very good job opportunities especially in the area of networking.
  • Can easily use this experience to become a networking freelancer and earn online.
  • Exposure will eventually help to get online networking projects.
  • Opportunity to interact with Red Hat Certified Professionals.

Workshop Highlights

  • Receive an unparalleled training through best methodology from DC Crackers with personal one-on-one attention.
  • Learn and interact with one of the respected authorities.
  • DC Crackers certification programs are recognized in the tech industry.
  • Improve your career prospects and get an edge over your counterparts.
  • Interactive Query sessions, Live Demos, PowerPoint Presentation.

Workshop Benefits

Deliverables to our students after the conduction of workshop

  • Ethical Hacking Toolkit to each participant.
  • Training Material (eBooks) for each participant.
  • Certification of Participation (COP) to all participating students from DC Crackers Pvt. Ltd.
  • Certification of Merit (COM) to only winning team from DC Crackers Pvt. Ltd.

Deliverables to the college & organizing team

  • Certificate of Coordination (COC) to staff coordinator and overall student coordinator after successful conduction of workshop.
  • Special Discount Vouchers to student/staff coordinators.

Internship & Funded Research

  • We always look for bright techno minds. May be they are sitting in your college.
  • Students with strong academic background will be considered for internship under our experts.
  • We work in team. We work in collaboration. Interns can also expect a funded research project from DC Crackers Pvt. Ltd.

Workshop Pre Requisite

  • Passion to learn new and creative things.
  • Basic knowledge of using Computer.
  • Having basic knowledge of Web & Internet.
  • Little knowledge of programming will be helpful.